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 Congrats, you are one step closer to getting the tattoo (or henna) of your dreams, and i cannot wait to work with you! Please fill out and submit this form and allow 24-72 hours for me to reply.

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As you all know by now, I am in my 2nd phase of my apprenticeship (yay!). This means that I have mastered line work and now I am on to perfecting my skills with black and grey shading!

This also mean the following

I am not doing any cover ups

I am not doing anything with color

I AM NOT doing portraits

All of this will come with the next phase of my journey……so stay tuned




+ Step 1. Know What You Want!

I can do many things but mind reading isn't one of them lol. Make sure you provide me with an idea I can use as a starting point to creating your design. I suggest going on Pinterest or google to see if there is something similar or at least to give me an idea of the style and/or concept you may be thinging of.

+Step 2. Fill Out The Form! - Virtual Consultations ONLY

In this age of technology everything is available at your fingertips. By filling out the form below I am able to get a clear understanding of what you want AND it helps keep this process organized so that both you and I are on the same page.

After you filled out the form I will then ask you to send me your reference photo.

+Step 3. You Will Recieve your Quote

After you fill out the form and I get a clear understanding of the concept for your tattoo THEN, you will recieve your quote. So please do not ask to recieve a quote without having filled out a form first.

+Step 4. Book Your Tattoo

Once having recieved the quote and if you have stated that you would like to proceed with the process, then you will be sent a link for you to book your appt. WHEN BOOKING YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO PUT DOWN A DEPOSIT.

+Step 5. Recieve Your Sketch

You will recieve your sketch 72 hours (maybe sooner) before your appt.

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Have More questions?

Check our the FAQs Here…..we more than likely answered it lol

Name *
Phone *
do you want to utilize the numbing cream option for additional charge (see FAQ section)
Please remember you add this on yourself during booking and the price is not included in your quote you receive
If you were to size your tattoo on a piece of paper, what would the dimensions of the piece of paper be? Ideally, you are providing the size of your tattoo in inches. **the best measurement is using a ruler or measuring tape, however if you do not have access to one .. the area between your first and second knuckle on your pointer finger is 'about' an inch.
dont be a annoying
Please describe your tattoo with as much detail as possible. If you want words please describe how you want them placed and what kind of lettering you want.
please let me know any immediate concerns .. however, once you are given your price quote, you will be given a booking link to chose your own date/time based on the soonest availability.
Do You Have Reference Photos To Share?
The answer should always be yes, if your answer is no ... please re read the paragraphs above the form you are filling out. I will respond to your email asking you to send them. Please REPLY to the email with the pictures so all correspondence is kept in the same email thread for organization and easy reference.
If your tattoo is lettering or has lettering in it... please also go to www.dafont.com, click on the appropriate fontface genre and enter your text into the "font preview" browse until you find a few that you like (or one). screen shot it (you will send me the screen shot when i reply) and write the name of the font here:
Please double check.....most likely our process and all your questions were most likely answered in the previous page.