Congrats, you are one step closer to getting the tattoo (or henna) of your dreams, and i cannot wait to work with you! Please fill out and submit this form and allow 24-72 hours for me to reply.


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do you want to utilize the numbing cream option for an addititonal charge (see FAQ section)
please remember you add this on yourself during booking and the price is not included in the quote you'll recieve
If you were to size your tattoo on a piece of paper, what would the dimenstions of the piece of paper be? Ideally , you are providing the size of your tattoo in inches. **The best measurment is using a ruler a measuring tape. However, if you do not have access to one...then the area between your first and second knuckle on your pointer finger is "about" an inch.
don't be a douche!
Please describe your tattoo with as much detail as possible, if you want words, please describe how you want them placed and what kind of lettering you want.
Please let me know any immediate concers. However, once you are given a quote, you will be given a booking link to chose your own date/time based on the soonest avaiilability
Is there any other details you can provide to give me the best description of your tattoo?
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THE ANSWER SHOULD ALWAYS BE YES. If your answer is no, please re-read the information on the FAQ. I will respond to your email asking you to send them. Please REPLY to the email with the pictures so all correspondence is kept in the same email thread for organization and easy reference.
If your tattoo is lettering or has lettering in it, please also go to www.dafont.com, click on the appropriate fontface genre and enter your text into the "font preview" browse until you find a few that you like (or one). screen shot it (you will send me the screen shot when i reply) and write the name of the font here:
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